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Spiders Delight Bandanna
Spiders Delight Bandanna

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Spidersz Delight Bandanna- Spooky Spiders and a maze of web 

I'm a little spider

Watch me spin

If you'll be my dinner

I'II let you come in

Then I'II spin a web

To hold you tight

And Gobble you up in

One big bite!


Dustydog Bandanas slip over the collar and can be worn at front, side or back. 


X-Small-14cm wide, 9.5cm from top to point & fits a 2.5cm wide collar- Chihuahua to Toy Poodle

Small- 18cm wide, 13cm from top to point & fits a 4cm wide collar- Suits Maltese to Jack Russell 

Medium- 23cm wide,16.5cm from top to point, fits 5.5cm wide collar- Suits Kelpie to Small Labrador

Large- 28cm wide, 20cm from top to point & fits a 5.5cm wide collar- Suits Labrador to Great Dane

X-Large-32cm wide, 23cm from top to point & fits a 7cm wide collar- Suits Great Dane to Mastiff

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